Final part of the report on the Development track at RMLL/LSM 2010 (4/4)

And this concludes the report on the “Development” technical track at the RMLL 2010 / LSM 2010 (see links to previous bits at the end of this post).

In this last part, I’ll cover the rest of the talks, that were certainly less technical, and probably less related to development than other talks.

In his speech “PLF, the story of a third-party repository like no other for Mandriva“, Michael Scherer lead us to a historical trip in the story of the PLF repository. Entertaining, certainly. I’m not sure this would be of interest to many developers, but interesting for all wondering on how projects and communities start, evolve, and on some errors not to make.

Then there were two speeches illustrating how one may contribute to libre software projects and distributions, even with no development skills :

  • The illustrated guide to your first contribution to openSUSE” by Vincent Untz has run through all alphabet letters to tell the very many ways people can contribute to projects. For most items, they are not specific to openSUSE and apply to any project actually.
  • The translation of KDE into french” by Ludovic Grossard presented the workflow of translations submitted by volunteers so that they can become part of distribution packages. An essential task where lots of volunteers can participate. But even if some tasks are easy to do, the whole process is nevertheless quite structured and needs careful application.

Last, but not least, we enjoyed a presentation including a lot of demonstration, made by Vincent Untz on “The road to GNOME 3“. You may have heard that Gnome 3’s release has been shifted in time, but do you know the contents of this release? A must see for sure (when the videos are ready – EDIT: a preview video is available… see comments bellow).

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