Migrating from Evolution to Gnus + notmuch (part 3/x)

After having migrated my mail from Evolution’s storage to a local dovecot imap server, I’ve now started the migration to Gnus and notmuch.

I’ll then now manage my mail with Emacs 🙂

The migration to notmuch allows me to index all the threads even though they happen to cross the boundaries of the folders I’ve setup with dovecot’s sieve (see previous post). Still, in Gnus, I can still read the contents of the mail folders, for instance each mailing-list at a time. There are quite a few configuration difficulties so that Gnus and notmuch-emacs can work together well, which I’ll try and document if I find enough time.

I’ve also added a notification script that will notify my Gnome desktop of new mail (which will be the subject of a dedicated post).

While at it, I’ve also installed msmtp, which allows me to use different SMTP servers, depending on the different mail aliases I’ve used (in a symetrical way to what fetchmail does to fetch all mail from my different mail accounts).

I’m now able to integrate my mails with my org-mode setup, referencing Gnus mails in org notes, or tagging in notmuch with same tag names as in org-mode.

I’m now fully Emacs operated, and hope to gain in productivity 🙂

Stay tuned for more details

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