We’ve hired a FLOSS developper to work on bugtrackers synchronisation

Update 2009/05/28 : we’ve finally hired an engineer, so this particular job offer is no longer open. Thanks to all who applied, and sorry for those to whom we may have not responded. If you’re still interested in a collaboration on similar topics, don’t hesitate to contact me anyway.

We’re hiring a software engineer, for 15 months, to work on bugtrackers synchronisation

(see french version here)

We’re looking for a software engineer to work with us, in Évry (France, Paris area), in the frame of the HELIOS project, mainly on bugtrackers synchronisation.

The R&D project HELIOS is funded under the umbrella of the FLOSS interest group of the french R&D (pôle de compétitivité) System@tic cluster. It gathers industry and academia partners for 2 years, starting september 2008.
The general goal of the project is to build an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) portal which would integrate a set of Open Source tools to allow the easy industrilisation of the different phases of a project (tests, maintenance, tracking, continuous integration,etc.).

In HELIOS, the PFTCR team at TELECOM & Management SudParis (ex. GET/INT) is responsible for a work package whose goal is to study and implement a system which would fit in the HELIOS platform, to ensure synchonisation between bug-trackers.

We’re strongly committed to study and contribution to FLOSS, and want, through this project, improve the state of the art in the area of bug tracking, and to a global scale, for the whole of the FLOSS ecosystem (bugtracking all along the integration of free/open source software in the distributions, for instance).

We’re looking for a software engineer to join our PFTCR team, in order to complement our R&D manpower on this project, for a duration of 15 months, under a french CDD contract (starting first quarter of 2009).

He/she will work in relation with the other industrial partners of the project, and with the FLOSS communities of the corresponding tools, in strong interaction with the other team members (professors/researchers, PhD students, engineers), at the computer science department of TELECOM & Management SudParis in Évry (France, Paris area). The development done during the work on this project will be contributed back to FLOSS projects.

Strong know-how in software development as well as interest for research issues are expected from the candidates. Also, a good knowledge of the open source development tools, and of the dynamics of the libre software development communities is expected (distributions, packaging, QA). A practical experience of contribution on an open source project would be a plus (typically as Debian developper, for instance).. Technical english skills will be required (as well as notions of french, considering the french nature of the environment).

If you’re interested and available early 2009, we would welcome your CV (under an open standard of your choice), as well as a description of you experience in the FLOSS area, sent to olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu.

Note : I only intent to attract attention from interesting and interested candidates, and this is no official position opening, and I should not be liable with respect to the whole administrivia needed for a format hiring procedure. I’m not part of the HR department at Institut TELECOM, but if you’re interested I definitely want to hear from you 😉

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