CV Format

There are two types of CV format depending how informaton is presented: chronological format or fucntional. fomrat. (A combination of the two may be a third format.) Both have advantages and disadvantages; the choice depends on how you want to present information and what impression yo uwant to make on the reader.

The chronological format presents information in in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recent educational or professional experience. The advantage is you highlight your most recent experiences and achievements which are probably the most relevant to a particular profile. Other advantages of the chronological format are it is very commonly used and easy to read.

The functional format presents information in fields and skills of expertise acquired in any kind of context paid professional experiences or other non paid ones, such as volunteer, humanitarian or community work. For example: sales and network management. The advantage of this format is that the reader can clearly see what and how much experience you have had in specific areas. It can hide any periods of unemployment you may have had. The functional format is more appropriate for the experienced professional.

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