Experts Q and A

T&MSP regularly invites professional recruiters to talk to students, giving advice about the latest trends in recruitment. Leading telecommunications company Nortel is a regular recruiter of TELECOM & Management SudParis students and a Nortel representative visited and generously responded to some questioning from students.

What is an 'original' CV ?
Originality is not as important as giving the essential information.

If they don't have much professional experience, how can they compensate?
Concentrate on results

What are some typical mistakes candidates make?
Failure to listen, to talk too much, to make assumptions

How can they apply by mail?
See company website.

What kind of internships are offered to a) engineers and b) managers?
It's the same as in France

How should they answer the question, "how much money do you want?", concerning an internship?
The question is not asked

What constitutes a 'significant experience'?
Anything over 50 hours

Is there any particular behaviour to adopt in an interview?
Do not appear narrow-minded, try to be flexible.

Does it give a negative impression if you pause before answering a question?
No, not if the answer corresponds

What do you like about the TELECOM & Management SudParis profile?
The range of classes followed and the activities outside coursework.

Are you ready to recruit an intern from TELECOM & Management SudParis?
Yes of course.

Can they apply for internships with Nortel in other countries?
Yes see the website.
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