Online Application Forms

The online application has many uses:
  • It may be used for short-listing applicants.
  • It may test rapidity as you can be timed in filling in the form.
  • It may be sent around to different people or departments or even branches.
  • It may be used also to check if you conform to a norm!

Be careful! The text can be analysed for: key words, conformity (to a norm), negative expressions (not appropriate for such a text), grammar errors, corrections made, number of times writer went back into written text.


You need to be ready before you go online!

Questions deal with applicant’s abilities, skills, personality and interpersonal relationships

The applicant writes in his/her own words.

You need to tell a success story.
You need to use buzzwords (such as Web 2.0, success, rigor, project management) in the text. Try also to refer to a company's mission and vision statements, culture and values. Likewise, take a look at similar job descriptions to see what words and expressions employers are using in their search for applicants.
You may need to provide a paper copy at some point.

Test yourself: choose one of the following questions and write 15 lines in 30 minutes.
Then ask someone to read your text.

1. How do you define the position of _____________ (the position for which you are applying, e.g. project manager)?
2. What do you think you can bring to the company?
3. Who are you?
4. Who do you do in your free time?
5. Describe an event which you are proud of.
6. Describe a situation in which you were the leader.
7. Describe a situation in which you were creative.
8. How do your friends see you?
9. What kinds of people do you get along with? What kinds do you not get along with?

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