Hands on experience

Many students have had little or no paid work experience. You may not have first-hand experience in a particular field. For example, you apply for a sales position but have never sold anything in your life. However, you may have some of the relevant skills such as:
  • receiving a visitor/client, listening, explaining, convincing, etc.
  • interpersonal relations
  • reaching objectives
  • motivation, ambition

Many curricular or extracurricular experiences can demonstrate skills:


Classroom activities (e.g. case studies, business simulations, role plays, lab work, tests).

  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • time and people management
  • budget, people, and time management
  • motivation, willingness
  • responsibilities
  • team work

Community/Volunteer work

  • care about others
  • willingness and motivation



  • development of more technical, managerial and professional skills


Study or work abroad

  • adaptability, flexibility, mobility
  • use of a foreign language
  • foreign culture and intercultural awareness


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