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Finding an Internship Finding an internship, training course, placement or obtain work experience requires careful preparation and research. Make use of the resources of the school but do not neglect your own 'network' of friends and family to generate contacts. Try to send your request directly to the person responsible and don't forget to tailor your CV and cover(ing) letter to the internship or training course that you are requesting.

Here are a selection of links to sites that may offer internships to future engineers and managers. Normally you have to register in order to have full access and if necessary upload your CV. (For on-line and scannable CV's see here.
Remember many companies give internship and recruitment information directly on the company website so if you wish to target a specific company always go there first.

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With Internet sites changing daily, keeping an up-to-date list is important. Please notify Denny Packard of changed or dead links, additions, etc. Links last verified 26th May 2010

Predominantly UK placements. Predominantly US placements
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Newspapers are of course a good source (see Yahoo for a list) go to classified ads/classifieds or jobs vacant or vacancies. For full-time permanent jobs the appointments page. Some newspapers may have editions that concentrate on a particular sector like media posts or engineering jobs. For a complete list of British newspapers see Media UK.

Yahoo! lists a lists a number of job sites. Go to Yahoo!, then Business and Economy, then Jobs, then Seasonal Jobs. ; ;;, (respectively, Yahoo U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, and Australia)
  • This is one of the best sites for summer jobs and internships in English speaking countries. The Council on International Educational Exchange is now working in partnership with Parenthèse to assist students in finding employment. They also offer insurance, an orientation program, and assistance in the country of placement, as well as assistance in obtaining a J-1 visa for the U.S., but it is NOT necessary to get your visa through this organization. (It’s much cheaper to get it through the U.S. embassy, but it does take longer.)
  • A site for finding internships in many different fields in North America or on other continents.
  • Site for students looking for internships or entry-level positions in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C.
  • Very good site for jobs all over the U.S. in many different fields.
  • Very good site for jobs all over the U.S. in many different fields.
  • The Environmental Careers Organization places more than 750 students in paid internships protecting the environment in 35 U.S. states.
  • Environmental Careers The leading site dedicated to environmental employment (seasonal jobs and career positions available) and the home of the Environmental Career Center (ECC).
  • Now owned by Yahoo, this is a top site for job searches in the U.S. Employment in other countries is listed under International.
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers permits electrical, electronics, computer and other electrotechnology and information-technology professionals to both search for jobs and join the Employment & Careers Strategies Forum to network with others to get insights on finding a job.
  • A very complete site that offers not only extensive links to internships and seasonal jobs in the U.S., but also resources for your cover letter and resume, job search strategies, etc.
  • Very complete list of sites for internships, entry-level jobs, and seasonal jobs in the U.S. as well as tips for your resume, job search strategies, etc.
  • One of the largest sites for job-hunting in North America, Europe, and Asia. You can find job lists and post your C.V. See,, and for the British, Canadian, and Irish sites.
  • The Program for Women in Science and Engineering offers summer internships.
  • The Society for Human Resource Management Online has a job search engine in Human Resources, as well as a bulletin board and tips for résumés.
  • The prestigious Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. offers jobs and internships in many fields.
  • The Vault provides job and internship searches by region, field, etc.
  • A non-comprehensive guide to research opportunities provides links to information.
  • State Web pages ( for New Jersey, for Massachusetts, etc.) You need to know a state’s 2-letter abbreviation
  • Specialist in internships in the UK
  • Fish 4 Jobs A comprehensive job site for Britain, including careers advice.
  • Jobs In UK Site for searching various positions within the U.K.
  • MatchTech Technical recruitment and engineering recruitment in the U.K.
  • This site, courtesy of Britain’s weekly New Scientist magazine, offers scientific jobs in the U.K./Europe (primarily the U.K.), U.S./Canada, and Australasia. Choose the field you are interested in, location, etc.
  •, Over 14,000 new technical jobs in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States posted by over 600 of the world’s top IT & Technology recruitment agencies.
  • Total Jobs UK jobs, recruitment, employment, vacancies, and careers.
  • Graduate Recruitment Bureau Assists recent graduate by offering career advice and job offerings in the U.K.
  • TopDogJobs - A New Breed of Recruitment. Offers advice for C.V. writing and job interviews, as well as job searches in the U.K.
  • On the European CV see europass
  • For international CVs see Hachey, Jean-Marc. The Big Guide to Living and Working Abroad. 4th edition. Toronto: Intercultural Systems, 2004. workingoverseas
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