Much work is done as a project. Project management, therefore, is an important skill. Actually it involves many skills such as:

  • managerial skills
  • technical skills
  • communication skills (meetings, information sharing and finding)
  • accounting (managing a budget)
  • human resources, human relations
  • achieving results
  • ambition
  • creativity
  • leadership (if project leader)
  • problem-solving
  • team work

When speaking about your project experience, you need to demonstrate that you have some practical experience. You probably have some project experience from working on school projects such as:

  • orientation week/freshers' week
  • Personal Development Project
  • Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre (creation of a company)
  • international week
  • “industrial project”
  • computer programming project
  • association work
  • the Gala (school party)
  • the Forum des télécommunications (job fair)

Note that someone outside the school will not be familiar with a particular school project or name of an association. You need to describe the project, context, aim, client, timetabling, budget, problems encountered, result, as well as your role, responsibilities and skills used and developed.

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