Carl Storz

Oral Presentation Skills

Essential preparation and planning checklist

This is a list of the essential elements to consider in preparing and planning an oral presentation. Use it yourself by filling in the boxes on the right under "My Ideas".


Questions to ask myself
What is the aim?

to sell my product

to adopt my recommendations

to explain and inform

to get me a job

What is my title?

The new Mokia 9123

How to reduce production costs

Studying abroad

Who am I speaking to?

What are the benefits to the audience of my product/report/speech?

Are these people the decision makers?

What do they know of the subject?

How does this change my approach?

What sort of questions will they ask me?

What are the answers?

What aspects will they be interested in?

What are the main points I want to make?

1, 2, 3 (Not too many! )

What do I want the audience to do after
listening to my presentation?

We must invite them to buy my product

to accept my findings

to reconsider their career plan

to give me a job


page updated 02/10/2013