With the phenomenal growth of Internet and social network services, the recent explosion of sensor-equipped (e.g., accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth, camera, and so on) mobile phones, the prevalence of GPS-equipped cars, taxis, and buses, and the large deployment of sensor network (e.g., Wi-Fi, surveillance cameras) in public facilities, private buildings and outdoor environments, the digital traces left by people while interacting with cyber-physical spaces are accumulating at an unprecedented breadth, and scale, those digital traces are called "digital footprints".

By collecting all those "digital footprints" about the world and by making sense of those data, we can understand the "Context" about individual, group, community, building, city, environment ... On one hand, our group intend to push the context-aware computing into the next frontiers. On the other hand, we aim to bring the state-of-the-art context-aware computing techniques into novel applications in smart spaces, elderly care, digital cities, urban computing, and mobile social networks.


ALPS group at Telecom SudParis (ALPS@ITSud) has been pioneering the research and development of pervasive systems and ambient intelligence through the fusion of sensing, communication, computing, and interaction. ALPS@ITSud is directed by Prof. Daqing Zhang, it consists of an inter-disciplinary team involving experts in data mining, social computing, sensor networks, mobile computing, and software engineering.

The topics of our research consist of, but are not limited to:

Context model and middleware Social and community intelligence
Urban computing Big data analytics
Taxi GPS trajectory mining Mobile phone data analytics
Location based social media data analytics

Mobile social networking

Ambient assistive living Pervasive elderly care